‘3rd Person View’ camera mount KITE/WINDSURF VERSION
The 3rd Person View camera mount is a unique camera mount to film yourself in action. The system is designed to be flexible (in use) but stable enough so you can mount a camera behind your back or from the side to create the impossible 3rd person perspective.The Kite/windsurf system consist of 2 parts:•A flat clear technical polyester sheet plate that needs to be mounted to your kite/windsurf (waist) harness. (All tools and bolds are included in the package)•Fully adjustable camera pole with a clear silver anodised finish. And yes; this means making 4 holes in your harness!


The pole consist of 2 parts:*The 1st straight part that connects to the baseplate with the unique locking/release mechanism.*The 2nd part that has a 40 degree angle (so the camera will not just be filming the pole, but you) *** Harness NOT included***

To create a lightweight and stable camera mount we used only high-grade materials such as a high-tech polyester sheet, ultra thin alloy tubing and stainless steel nuts and bolts. The whole system is designed so that you can easily disconnect the pole when you are done filming. (even with your kite still in the air).To mount your camera to the pole you will need a (not included) GoPro Seatpost mount, or the additional Mini Ballhead with a (not included) GoPro Tripod mount. This second option will give you the greatest flexibility in adjusting your shot.Check out all the camera mounting options here


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Mini Ball Head Mount

The mini ball head allows you to mount any (small) camera with a standard 1/4 inch camera screw connection.
You will have complete control in setting the camera angle to get the shot you want.
To mount a GoPro camera you will need the GoPro tripod mount (not included)
The mini ball head is screwed to the camera pole for maximum stability (the pole is pre-drilled at both ends.


You need this mini ball mount for the 3rd Person view Mount if you dont have one!

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