NSP SUP Race boards 2018


Die letzten Jahre hab ich die NSP Boards immer beobachtet mit den Teamridern und SUP Race SUPerstars Travis Grant und Tituan Puyo!


Das die Boards gut funktionieren zeigten die Teamrider schon immer! Jetzt da mir das neue Design und die neuen Shape sehr gut auf Fotos und Videos und bei den diversen Int. Races gefielen, hab ich mich entschlossen "Testboards zu bestellen und sie in unser SUP Race Programm auf zu nehmen - den da passen sie wunderbar dazu! 

NSP ist wie SIC Maui auch eine reine SUP Brand und das schon seit viele Jahren!





  1. Ninja 14x22
  2. Puma 14x23,5
  3. Sonic 14x25,5
NSP "Ninja 14" Pro Carbon

Details:  Ninja 14x22

  • weight 10,4kg
  • Vol. 234ltr
  • Flatwater Race


Details: Ninja 14x25

  • weight ?
  • Vol. 260ltr
  • Flatwater Race 

Ninjas are the fastest pure flat water racing boards of the range featuring new shapes and graphics for 2018:

– All Ninja models feature the dugout deck concept that lowers the riders center of gravity and allows us to reduce the width without compromising stability.

– All Ninja’s have enough nose volume to be able to paddle in a pack and wash ride comfortably and keep tracking straight.

– The Accelerator Vacuum System (AVS) quickly removes any wash that enters the deck.

– Ninja’s are all about low drag efficiency so that you can race fast and save as much energy as possible for a “kick” to pull away from the pack or for longer runs.

– Features a stable tail design for easy kick turns when rounding the buoy.

–  The 14’/22 and 12’6/23.5 are for elite paddlers to win races and fight in packs, but can be enjoyed by experts if they paddle them on pure flat water.

–  The 14/25 is a super stable version and fast enough to allow advanced paddlers to fight for their position in a race group and for long distance flat water training sessions.

–  Compared to the Sonic and the Puma, the Ninja is the specific flatwater race machine for lakes, canals, rivers and flat ocean conditions.

Famous for our rolled hulls, NSP has evolved our signature design to include a stabilizer surface to deliver greater speed and control.


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NSP "Puma" Pro Carbon

Details Puma 14 x 23,5

  • width 23,5''
  • weight 10kg
  • Vol. 264ltr
  • Allround Race

Details Puma 14 x 26

  • width 26''
  • weight 10,4kg
  • Vol. 293ltr
  • Flatwater Race


Famous for our rolled hulls, NSP has evolved our signature design to include a stabilizer surface to deliver greater speed and control. Pumas are the most versatile race board for everyone in all conditions:

–  For 2018 the design brief of the Puma range was totally changed from a focus on beach racing to a design that is as equally at home in the surf, flatwater and with excellent downwind performance covering all water states and race formats.

–  If you are not comfortable with the feel of a recessed deck, if you want to kick turn, if you want to surf race, downwind, race on the flat or just enjoy paddling faster and further, the Puma can do it all.

–  If you want to own only one race board with no significant disadvantage compared to a specialized board but want to enjoy diverse conditions the Puma is the go to board.

–  The Puma offers the largest race board range with a model to suit all abilities and conditions. This board will never let you down whatever the conditions throw at you.

–  The 14/28 and 14/26 models are ideal for all intermediate to advanced paddlers.

–  The 14/23.5 is ideal for lighter intermediate to expert paddlers.

–  The 12’6/24 is ideal for lighter or expert paddlers wanting an allround race board.

–  The 12’6/28 and 12’6/26 models are ideal for racing in the 12’6 class for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

–  Compared to the Ninja and Sonic, the Puma is the versatile all round flat deck raceboard for all water states, different race formats  and great downwinding.


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