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Jimmy Lewis SUP is completele new 2016! The Boards are amazing!


If you like or interessted for one, let me know!

Jimmy Lewis "Sidewinder 14" - the New Rocket!!!

Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder best allwater race on the market!!!
Finally the Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder allwater race and downwind board is now available.
Designed to perform for all levels of paddler in all conditions this will see you crossing oceans and finish lines ahead of the rest.
The Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder has been in development for a year and riders from round the world got involved to feed back to Jimmy what we needed from an ultimate sup race board.

The board is 5” thick with a tapered tail and a round sided deck.
Our Kinetic Factory has improved its tecnhologies and the way it makes boards.
As a result of this upgrade every Jimmy Lewis 2016 board has a pvc plus carbon tail.
The board tail is coremat less.
The board itself is still as firm as the 2015 edition but even lighter.

Also the graphic is very cool and original with grey masao for the 14' New: 2016 models come with recessed handle.
New: 2016 models are equipped with nose GoPro mount.

14' × 27" - 297 lt:
the board you want to ride in open ocean conditions.
14' × 25" - 274 lt: the most suitable board for wavy and choppy conditions.
14' × 23" - 253 lt - +/- 9kg: the most suitable board for flat water or small choppy conditions.

SUPer Stabil und richtig schnell in allen Bedingungen! Ein richtig Raceboard für jeden Einsatz und dazu braucht man sich keinen Gedanken wegen der Stabilität zu machen auch beim 23er!!! Perfekt in allen Bedinungen aber die Stärke in Choppy Bedingungen und draften! Aber auch am Flachwasser haben die Teamrider schon bewiesen das es verdammt schnell ist! 11City 220km 4ter, Martino Rogai! 


Hier unser Testbericht zum SideWinder!

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Masao red/white
Masao red/white
Jimmy Lewis "Rail" fiberglass

This is the ultimate race board for moderate to extreme down wind conditions. The lower over all rocker gives this board very low drag paddling with quick acceleration for getting into glides. This tested bottom curve does not ever “stick” or “catch” up front while on a glide or getting into a glide. This unique bottom shape starts with a “V” in the nose that separates the water entry for zero drag and flows into a double concave which gives the board lift and direction then flows into a “V” in the back for effortless rail to rail responsiveness.Comes with 8″ JL Tracker Fin.
SPECS 14'0" x 28"  - lt 290

SPECS 14'0'' x 26.5" - lt245


Das Fiberglass ist um ca. 690g schwerer als das Carbon Rail! Das Carbon Rail hat ein Gewicht schätzungsweise nach dem letzten heben von 10,5-11kg

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Jimmy Lewis "Rail" Carbon

New downwinder by Jimmy Lewis !!!
Directly from the great experience of the best Shaper on the planet, here The Rail
New narrower shape.
New rockerline with V in all the bottom face, for a better riding especially with the strong wind and waves.
Completely in carbon PVC sandwich.
Honeycomb Light Trucker Fin with chambered base.
Available in two different colour yellow and maroon.
New: 2016 models come with recessed handle.
New: 2016 models are equipped with nose GoPro mount.
The Rail by Jimmy Lewis don’t loose the occasion to have the best board on the planet.

SPECS 14'0'' x 26.5" - lt245

SPECS 14'0" x 28"  - lt 290

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Jimmy Lewis "U-Boat" 14x25 - 2016 OFFER!

The New U-Boat 2016 is Jimmy’s fastest flat water race board and is designed to be the fastest board on the water, period. Available in two wide sizes 25″ and 27” wide, which makes them perform like no others. If you’re a racer, or just want the absolute fastest board out there, you’ve found your machine.

Please note that you must be a fairly experienced rider to get the maximum enjoyment out of these thoroughbred racers.
Bred for speed – Warning! Highly addictive.
Comes with detachable soft handle with five possible attachment points.
Honeycomb Light Race Fin with chambered base.
Carbon Sandwich Construction Only.

New: 2016 models come with recessed handle.
New: 2016 models are equipped with nose GoPro Mount.





Das U-Boat Modell 2016 ist komplett anders wie das 2015er! So kippelig wie das 2015er war so stabil und schnell ist das 2016! Durch eckigere Kanten und ein breiteres Heck! Flatwater Speed with fun and style!



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Jimmy Lewis "Stilleto 14" and Stilleto 14 Carbon

Stiletto 14 is pure speed, stable and fun! It will keep you ahead of the pack from morning to night whether you’re racing, or just want to cruise long distances. Scuppers in the deck allow the water to drain and make sure that your feet stay, and the recessed deck lowers center of gravity making the board very stable.


Width: 27″3/4

Volume: 278 liters

Colours: Yellow or White ltd


Normal Prize 2289,-

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Jimmy Lewis "Stilleto 12,6"

Stiletto 12'6 x 27''1/2 - 235 liters

The New Stiletto 12'6 follows the new trends, more adaptability' to the new format race like elite race and sprint race.

The Stiletto 12'6 was born by a great development thanks to the continuous feedback that Team International has established with Jimmy Lewis in person
Totally new the shape
The bottom, remain flat with a slight V, rocker slightly more marked to facilitate maneuverability and contrast the current side

The outline has request many hours of work with a really deep study by the Guru of speed
The Stiletto has the maximum width 27''1/2

The front part of the Stilletto confirms the inclination of Jimmy Lewis to interpret prows very streamers from the center towards the stern while the new Stiletto 12'6 narrows considerably its shape to end with a tail much more reduced compared to the Blade II.
More easy manouvres at the buoy and choppy water.

Particular attention was paid to the shape of the deck that goes back to being excavated and completely flat in the area where the paddler focuses its maximum thrust
Jimmy Lewis introduced two discharges on the board, to facilitate the release of water from the deck.

Finally the volume of the new race Stiletto 12'6 of 237 liters, much lower than the Blade II precisely to facilitate the propulsion and the maneuverability thanks to the equation, less surface less friction.
Confirmed the exclusive Jimmy Lewis construction with Hi-TECH sandwich tecnology PVC which ensures resistance and lightness with a final weight of 9.7 kg including pad

THE new Stiletto 12'6 will be the secret weapon for the Team International Jimmy Lewis composed by Mecucci Silvia, Paolo Marconi and Daniele Guidi

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Jimmy Lewis SUP Boardbag

The Jimmy Lewis SUP Board Bag is the best protection for your prized possession.

You've gotta take care of that baby. She's worth it.

Most of the bags are designed to fit multiple sizes of board.

Even the 12'6 displacement bag fits most other similarly shaped brands.

Outer shell is 600D super durable, light weight fabric.

Opposite side is a durable reflective fabric to reduce heat.

Foam padding in between saves weight while adding protection.

Look closely at the bottom photo to see how heavy duty this silver fabric is.

Most SUP bags only use a light weight plastic.

The bottom also has a two-sided zipper for leaving the fin on the board.

If you take the fin off for travel, there is an internal fin pocket.

Plenty of handles and heavy duty strapping.


Colour: red or gray

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JL Kahana Paddle

JL Fiberglass Paddle.

Wrist-Strong technology:

Unique fiberglass shaft and blade add just the right amount of flex to increase comfort, reduce fatigue, and offer a lively, propelling snap at the end of each stroke.

Comes with blade attached and ready to cut to size.

Use two part epoxy to attach the handle.


90 small Blade

100 medium Blade

110 large Blade

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