SUPwheel "Evo X"

EVOLUTION X - Inflatable, windsurfers - extended axle | Walk or Bike

Der Unterschied vom Evolution zum Evo X ist das beim X, Boards mit breiteren Heck transportiert werden können.  

For your inflatable, windsurf boards, and WIDE paddle boards. It will also carry standard boards making it is the most versatile carrier we have. This system will carry one board at a time.


New and improved Evolution X with an eXtra wide frame. Spacers widen the wheels away from the side of the board. The difference between Evolution and Evolution X is the axle is wider.

Arch is flexible and can adjust around your board's tail. The arch will widen out and flatten for the inflatable board. The space inside the frame is the same as standard Evolution but the X model has the ability to stretch wider. The arch strap is flexible and can push against the wheel spacer to make a wider space from standard 16 inches to 22 inches. Only part of the tail needs to fit in the arch frame.


The Evolution X carrier model - comes with a strap handle. This flexible unit can be used to carry your board while you walk or bike. Relieves the burden of carrying your board, paddle, gear, and freeing your hand.


The unit is engineered with a marine-grade aluminum axle, stainless steel fixtures, and never-go flat tires. We also enhance your comfort with a unique rubber handle that covers the nylon strap handle. Wheels store on the storage pegs for a small compact package for transporting the wheels or storage.

This product will work with many inflatable brands like iRocker Cruise 10'6 and many others like this one.

This carrier will carry ONE paddle board at a time. If you need to carry two paddleboards see the link below for the two-pack.



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SUP WHEELS Evolution - NEW

SUP WHEELS - easy transport for every board


SUP Wheels "Evolution" mit Gurt und Griff zum besser in die Hand nehmen oder am Bike zu montieren!  


Wir finden, die absolut beste und praktischste Möglichkeit jegliche Boards mühelos ans Wasser zu bringen. Egal ob Windsurf-, SUP- oder Kiteboards, ebenso wie Kajak/Kanus - ein SUPWheels transportiert alle. In wenigen Sekunden ohne jegliches Werkzeug zusammengebaut und genauso schnell wieder zerlegt und platzsparend ins Auto verstaut!

Man kann ein SUPWheels auch problemlos auf einem Stand Up Paddleboard zusammengelegt auf der Gepäckhalterung verstauen und auf lange Touren mitnehmen. SUPWheels ist ideal für den privaten Gebrauch, aber auch für alle Kanu/Windsurf/Sup Zentren/Schulen ein nützliches Accessoire. Extrem robust gebaut, trägt es auch zwei SUP Board plus Gepäck.


SUP Wheels ® will give you a better workout on the water and easier transportation after a long hard workout.  With the largest wheels in the SUP carrier market, you will get to the water faster and easier with SUP Wheels ® whether you are rolling on a hard surface or soft sand. 

SUP Wheels ® Technical Specifications

No assembly or tools needed

14” Wheels - rolling over curbs and sand without sinking

Solid rubber tires - never go flat

Specialized foam covers frame - UV resistant & board safe

EPDM rubber bungee - UV resistant and extremely strong

Aluminum axle - salt water resistant, light and strong

Stainless fasteners  - for outdoor use / salt water resistant

Up to 90 lbs (40kg), supports 2 SUP boards on one set of SUP Wheels ®(strap required and coming soon as an option)

Removable wheels - compact storage (with pegs) or carry on board

Storage pegs allow you to attach the wheels to the side of the carrier frame

Flex frame variable width is 15” (38cm) to 12” (30 cm)

Flex frame variable height is  6” (15 cm) to 4” (10 cm) -

good for race or regular stand up paddle boards.


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