SIC “Sandwich Islands Composites” is the vision of master shaper/designer, Mark Raaphorst. Mark has more than 20 years experience building surfboards, windsurfers and outrigger canoes. He is credited as being one of the pioneers of SUP and for creating some of the most winning race boards in the world. SIC boards are designed for speed and agility. Their sleek styling, piercing waterlines, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail have also earned SIC the reputation of being the “Ferrari of SUP boards”.
 SIC boards are inspired naturally by elite racing, but also from a lifetime of lessons learned. These lessons have led to a reputation for some of the fastest, smoothest gliding, most maneuverable boards in the world. SIC is also seen as an innovator whether it is in composite or hollow construction, its Active Steering System and its futuristic Standamaran™.
  Whether you are a seasoned pro in either open or flat water racing or the weekend surfer. Whether you are looking for better fitness, touring or just all-around fun; SIC has something for you.
  This range is simple, yet concise and will be offered in a few constructions that will meet the demands of the most elite competitors in the world. SIC will also offer more durable and economical constructions for those that appreciate performance but do not measure their success in ounces.

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Die SIC Maui Boards haben ein "GORE Protective Vents"  als Lüftungsschraube eingebaut!

Bitte nicht auf machen!!! Der Gore Schraube regelt den Druck im Board von selber! Wenn Bläschen raus kommen dann regelt er gerade den Druck des Boardes! Wer in doch mal auf gemacht hat, bekommt bei uns einen neuen Gore Schrauben!  Aloha 


Standard Characteristics: The best way to get into paddling if you have limited storage space, have a small car, are on the run and never know when you will have time to hit the water or simply like the versatility and convenience. You can keep your board with you at all times and have a board for any condition. Inflatables are most recognizable by the fact that they come in a small backpack style bag, take up very little space and are equipped with a high volume/high pressure pump. Inflatables also offer fun for the whole family. You can take a knock to the head and it hurts just a little bit less. If you or your kids like to play rough or want to keep this board on the dock or deck of your boat, you cannot beat the durability. They come in as many shapes and sizes as you can imagine and cover the full range of disciplines. They are generally 6 inch drop stitch which is thicker than a standard composite board. Inflatables also have higher volume and more stability than composite boards of similar lengths and widths. You can drop it or run it onto the rocks and for the most part not worry about it. In the event of a puncture, all SIC inflatables come equipped with a repair kit that’s as easy as fixing a flat tire on your bike. They lack the full performance of a composite board but advancements in materials and construction have closed the gap considerably. You will not be disappointed.

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                                                   Race Boards

Standard Characteristics: Considered the road bike of the water due to its quick acceleration, efficient glide and top end speed in smooth conditions. Displacement hull boards are easily identifiable by their rounded bottom shape and piercing nose style in the bow. The nose of the board generally is designed to pierce the water, aid in board tracking and cut through chop to reduce drag and promote glide, as well as top end speed. The rocker line is generally flat and the volumes are greater than surf style boards. The added volume allows the board to float higher in the water which reduces drag thereby promoting better glide ratios and unlocks top end speed. Increased volume and width typically provides more stability, especially for heavier paddlers. Conversely, narrower boards are faster but less stable, depending on the paddler’s weight and skill Level.


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                                                    Open Ocean

Standard Characteristics: Considered the mountain bike of the water, planing hull boards have no limits on where they can go. These boards are most recognizable by their flat planing bottom, pointed nose and pin tail shapes. While the original shapes were derived from open ocean and downwind designs, these shapes have proved to be the most well rounded, sea-worthy, allaround shapes in SUP. Planing boards have less rocker than a surfboard which means they track and glide very well although not as well as a displacement hull. They are designed to excel in cross-chop, side-chop with a tail wind or wave scenarios and can be surfed in small to mid size waves. If you are looking for a board with unbridled access to any condition for unlimited fun, then there is no better design.


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                                                        Surf Shape

Standard Characteristics: Have a broad range of use like that of a beach cruiser or a BMX bike. These boards are designed for fun cruising paddles to hard charging maneuverable surfboards. Easily identifiable by their iconic surfboard outlines, they are scaled up in volume and width to float you while you are cruising or waiting for your wave in the line-up. The rocker lines are appropriately adjusted to meet the performance needs of the paddler and intended use. This style of board is not designed to paddle great distances as they have a lower glide ratio when compared to a displacement or planing design. Longboard style shapes have a moderate rocker for more of a long board feel and recreational paddling. Shortboard style shapes have a more progressive rocker to promote carving the wave face. Fin setup can vary from a single main fin to thruster and quad setups.


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