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Lokahi "Custom Pro Long Wood"
The CUSTOM PRO LONG is the board coming closest to a longboard riding style

Want a true longboard feel?

The CUSTOM PRO LONG is a thin board with a progressive rocker which helps riding waves more easily. Its round nose and simple concave structure has been designed to make nose rides easier.
Thanks to their thin and stretched out rails, the CUSTOM PRO goes from rail to rail with delicacy and simplicity.
Its wooden structure will definitely ring out the purest in you!


  • Longboad outline
    > Ease to catch wave, contrôle while surfing

  • Deep single concave on nose
    > Control and speed on nose riding

  • Thin and sharp rail on tail
    > Better drive and control

  • Flater rocker
    > Better speed and performance on nose riding

  • Round pin tail
    > Drive, speed and control

CP long Wood  9,6x27,5x 4"   118l

CP long Wood 10,3x29,5x4''   130l

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SIC Fish 9'5 x 29,5 GC Mod.2015

The FISH 9.5 was designed for the 190 lbs/86 kg, plus surfer in mind. Its extra volume helps paddle through the shore break and into the lineup. If you demand performance in the waves but don’t want to be sinking up to their neck while they wait in the lineup then this board is your weapon of choice. This Fish crushes in any size surf and excels in mid to larger kine waves. This FISH will fillet waves for lighter paddlers who like stability and maneuverability on small to mid size waves as well.


Special offer: Board Fish 9,5 + Fish Bag + SIC Paddle Glide Fix 80sq for 1599,-!!!!

Normal 2128,-

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SIC "Fish 8'8"


The new FISH 8’8” is the big brother of the 7’11” FISH. Geared towards the larger surfer that demands Performance;



8'8 x 29,75 x 110vol

Construction GC - Glass Composite

1.659,00 €
995,00 €
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SIC "Fish 7.11"


The new FISH 7’11”has proven to be one of the most versatile surf designs on the water. Flatter and wider, the fish is ideal for small to mid size waves. The retro swallowtail provides good speed down-the-line and it carries its speed though high-performance maneuvers in all conditions. Don’t be deceived by the retro design: these boards are modern day rippers.



7'11 x 29,75'' x 100vol

Construction GC - Glass Composite

1.599,00 €
959,00 €
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