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Welcome to Loyal Dean,home of the most fluid, organic skateboard
imaginable. We enjoy free form creativity when it comes to crafting
skateboards so you can enjoy free form creativity when it comes to riding them.

We take certain cues from nature – snowflakes, waves, trees.
No two are alike. Same goes for our skateboards.

And although our designs are random, the shapes are not.
Thoughtful, symmetrical, functional contours and a deliberate,
thoughtful nose/tail profile are ideal for two-directional and switch
stance riding, if that’s your sort of thing.

Our sort of thing is 40% reclaimed lumber, organic-where-the-wind-
goes-design and a surplus of buttery smooth downhill asphalt rolling
toward the horizon line.


Dean is a goofy foot.
Loyal is not.


        the Bomber                      the Bottlenose                      the Poodle                          the Chum

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LoyalDean Bomber
















THE BOMBER: The Bomber skateboard by Loyal Dean pays homage to
classic surf and epic lines. Slightly stiffer than the Bottle Nose and ideal for
those nutty downhill grades.


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Loyaldean bottlenose
















THE BOTTLE NOSE: Dual directional. Responsive flex. Creamy-like carving.
This is our most popular skateboard. Feels like a hot knife in soft butter.


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First and foremost, we’re not a pop-out board company. That’s because each of our boards are organically designed and crafted based on what wood we happen to be using at the time. Our designs have been thoughtfully calculated to give you the best ride possible. But by the same token, because of how we reclaim our wood, the process is daringly organic,
and with breathtaking results.

The top lateral laminations create a continually changing grain orientation that is both beautiful and structural by contrasting the bottom’s parallel grain. The resulting artfully cambered board is thin, flexible and strong for a premium ride.
Each and every Loyal Dean ride is made in the USA. And designed by nature.
Loyal Dean Skateboards

We’re master craftsmen, designers and woodworkers for 25 combined years. So when it comes to working with wood,
we know our craft. We know design. And we, well, know our wood. Simply put, the reputation we’ve earned as maestro woodmen is also ideal for creating and crafting premium wooden skateboards.

Depending on the project we’re working on, we may be using Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Wenge, Maple, Cherry, Bubinga, Ipea or Teak, just to name a few. (Regardless, we refuse to use plywood and make our boards from at least two-ply.
Three in some instances.) We reclaim and recycle the wood that’s not used on our other projects and, in turn, use it to
craft a Loyal Dean skateboard. 

We only work with the best to give you the best, dream-like ride possible.

E-Mail: info@supshop24-7.com

Tel. 0043 676 5405502



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