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Paddle Technic with Jim Terrell from Quickblade

Jim is a a four time Olympic Canoeist and has been building paddles since he was 11. (I won’t write his age, but he’s older than 12). We spoke briefly about the paddle market and he had some interesting insights. I’ve been hearing the same thing from a number of companies in reference to their retailers.


According to Jim, they’ve been spending more time with retailers who act as partners, who participate in the sport and espouse the same excitement and enthusiasm toward SUP and their paddles. From what I’ve seen, this seems universal. Manufacturers want more than just someone to buy and sell their products. They want them intimately involved with their lines and to share their long-term vision for the sport and industry.


Quickblade Paddles



Paddle Size:

zu deiner Körpergröße noch dazu.

  • Surfing: 6-8" 15-20cm
  • Flatwater: 8-10" 20-25cm
  • Racing: 8-10" 20-25cm
Paddel Technik

1. Catch: This is the beginning of the stroke when the blade first enters the water. Drive the blade deep into the water before pulling and extend out to a comfortable “reach” but don’t try to over reach.

Paddle technic

2. Power Phase: This is when you drive the board forward, past the submerged paddle blade. Use your upper body and shoulder rotation for power and use your arms as just extensions from the shoulders. Your body is much more powerful than your arms.

3. Exit: This is the end of the stroke when the blade is released from the water. Don’t pull beyond your feet. Drop your top hand downward and not by lifting the lower hand up.



allow the blade to be in the most aerodynamic position on the recovery.

4. Recovery: The return of the blade back to the start of the stroke. Point your thumb forward on the recovery to allow the blade to “feather” on the return.

The Plunge Stroke – Schnellste Paddle Technik im SUP Sprint? with Jim Terrell


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