The NEW Quickblade Paddle from 2019 "UV88"  (Ultimate V drive) is AWESOME! 


- New shaft: "Diamond Elite Shaft" = oval tapered.  Looks and feels great and no gliding with your Hands. And on the top end you have a nice flex.  Best shaft i was ever paddled. 


- New Blade: the outline is a combination from the Trifecta and Vdrive.  UV = Ultimate vdrive….a bigger V on the back. With a Hex(agon) Carbon and ABS Rail. 


I'v been paddling a lot of different Top Carbon Paddle the last years and for me was the qb V-drive 91 and the qb Trifecta the best and my favorites for races and everything.   Now im paddling the UV88 AC the last 3,5 month and in the beginning "yes it is realy great" but know i know this paddle is awesome!  Im pretty sure im faster with this paddle with less muscle power.  This paddle have so much power (more than the bigger vdrive91) but with less effort!  I use it in any race disciplines, sprint, Long distance, downwind,...   Only i think for Marathon Races 20km and over is the smaller Trifecta86 or smaller better. 


Paddle length: 65''-75'' / 70-80''  / 75-85''   fixed length and cut by Handle.


Different About UV88 "AC" (All Carbon) & "Hybrid" (Carbon shaft/Fiberglass Blade):

Price: UV88AC 499,-   and the UV Hybrid 399,- 

- the weight is nearly the same 460g - 470g

- same shaft

- same blade but different material

- the real only different is…. the Hybrid have a little more flex in the blade.  


This paddle is yours!



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